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Italian Translation: Why You Need It

Companies who do business internationally understand the need for Italian translation.  Successful international entities who hold themselves to the highest standard always feature Italian as an integral part of their global brand strategy.

A major reason for this is that Italian brands – which are world leaders in how they combine style and innovation – have set a worldwide benchmark for attractiveness and quality, and have lead many industries in areas ranging from automotive, engineering, and food & beverage, to fashion, and even everyday family products.

Brands originating in Italy have cemented Italian as a linguistic necessity for international businesses.  This is why Italian is in the must-have EFIGS category of European languages: English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish.

If your company wants to be held to a standard of worldwide quality, think of how these Italian brands represent global brand success:

In the automotive space, Italy has given us Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pirelli, and Ducati.

In fashion, Italy has produced the luxurious Versace, Gucci, Prada, Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, and Bvlgari brands.

Italy is always a top standard in food & beverage, with household products from Nutella, Martini, S. Pellegrino, and Barilla.

And, in the infant & stroller category, the Italian brand Chicco is a major success.

These brands’ success make it easy to gauge Italy and Italian consumers’ Internet presence: Italy has the 4th highest Internet usage population in Europe, making it a mainstay among the top 10 Internet countries in Europe.

On the world economic scale, Forbes has reported Italy as a country with a GDP of over $2 Billion, produced by its population of just over 61 million.

Considering Italy’s list top world brands, and European Internet presence, the question about working with VeraLanguage to provide your company with Italian translation, voiceover, interpretation, and any language service you need, is a simple decision: you need Italian translation; you need VeraLanguage.

Canadian French vs European French

Don’t mistake them for the same thing.

france and canada

The differences between French spoken in France and Canadian French have often been compared to those of American English and British English; but, this is of course a hotly-contested debate.  The relationship is perhaps more akin to that of Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese.

Speakers of one dialect can easily understand another yet could find the definition of certain words changes dramatically across the Atlantic. Accents and pronunciations, like between the US and the UK, are also noted differences, sometimes to the extent that a Canadian francophone may be required to modify their accent in Europe to be understood. The major differences, however, are in vocabulary.

Let’s apply this to business: say your company has a big project coming up, and you want to cover the major French markets. There are many countries where French is the official language, and the two which are mostly discussed in this category of comparison are Canada and France. If you do one French translation, and expect it to cover both bases, you will undoubtedly turn one region off. They are the same language, but there are two very distinct ways of speaking that language. To give a comparison: would you use an Australian English translation in the United States? It is the same language, but it isn’t.

It is extremely important to make your company look professional and to appeal to the market you’re trying to reach, so, if you are going to do a project in Canada for French speakers, use a French Canadian translation.  The same rule applies for France. The people in each country will be able to tell in the first sentence what type of French you are using. You can’t afford to only cover one market when your marketing strategy calls for both markets. Don’t make this mistake.

This same principle also applies to Spanish, German, English, Chinese, and any other language which is spoken in multiple countries. Don’t make your company look arrogant, or unprofessional – it is well worth spending the money to hire a professional French translation company with native speakers who provide the correct regional and national translations. This simple principle will give you a better outcome on your project, and allow you to correctly target the audience you intended.

VeraLanguage International LLC is a licensed, certified international language services agency. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, we have offices and professionals in over 50 countries.

Founded in 2010, our team has grown to include over 1,000 professionals worldwide. Our linguists, interpreters, designers, consultants, and leadership team are second to none. Our leadership team has worked in the international language and localization community for decades, and our team comprises some of the most seasoned language professionals on Earth. We can handle any job you can throw at us. Contact us today: VeraLanguage.com.

Adobe Captivate: Translation / Re-Design, & VeraLanguage

Adobe Captivate 7 - the new release - continues to be an excellent tool for e-learning across multiple languages - but - expert support from a team of humans is still needed...

Adobe Captivate 7 – the new release – continues to be an excellent tool for e-learning across multiple languages – but – expert support from a team of humans is still needed…

Firstly: thanks to @captivatecrazy (Anita), The #AdobeCaptivate Daily, and http://paper.li/tag/AdobeCaptivate for sharing our blog post from yesterday!  We are very grateful… Secondly: how about some more detailed info about working with VeraLanguage International for your Adobe Captivate translation / re-design / localization projects?  Sure?  Ok, here we go. Anyone familiar with Adobe Captivate will know that it’s an excellent platform for creating e-learning courses.  Absolutely top notch.  We have nothing but great things to say about it. So, let’s say you have a course, created in English (or, any language, actually), which you need in other languages.  You have various animations, functions, images, transitions, audios, etc etc etc throughout your course, and, you’d like the same things…but in, say, Traditional Chinese.  Or Brazilian Portuguese.  Or Canadian French.  Or Russian.  Do you try an automated approach – or – a human approach? That’s where we come in. (The answer, by the way, is: a human approach.  Don’t worry, this isn’t a scored exam.  It’s a blog post.  SCORM and LMS functionality is not attached herein.  Yes, that’s an inside joke for developers and e-learning pros…but, we digress.) The benefit of working with us, rather than going the automation route – is that our team of in-country, expert linguists and Captivate designers actually speak the languages needed, and, they speak the language of Captivate.  Placement is done in detail, with special attention to typesetting, layout, formatting, and so on. Why does that matter? Consider that a title in English may be up to 3 times longer in Russian – so – automation may give you a title which is hanging off the right edge of the screen.  Multiply that concept across the whole presentation – and you’ve got a course whose text looks … unacceptable. Think about how Chinese and Japanese have unique typesetting rules: indentation, margins, what sentences can and can’t start with, and so on.  Again – a human needs to do the work.  Automation (autobots?) will miss these crucial, cultural details, which can cause a complete fail.  No matter how good your English course is, if it wasn’t laid out and re-designed properly in foreign languages – the course will not be accepted by readers of those languages, which leads to lost business, frustration, offense, fail, fail fail… We can save you from those pitfalls, and, localize your Adobe Captivate courses to a level of quality and cultural acceptance.  Our clients come to us exactly for these reasons.  This is why we’re confident enough to offer posts about our Captivate services… Again – what to do?  Get in touch with us any time, 24/7 – to discuss your E-learning Captivate projects: info@veralanguage.com As always, thanks to all our clients and friends.  We are here for and because of … you. Cheers, Vera VeraLangauge International www.veralanguage.com 801-984-3346 Any Language. Any Project. Any Time.