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Chinese Translation: Why You Need It

The question isn’t ‘does my company need Chinese translation?’, but, ‘how can we
choose the right Chinese translation for our company ASAP?’ There’s no doubt that
you need it; you just need a translation partner that has the expertise to help you
make the right choices.

Firstly, translation done between English and any Asian language is as rich in
detail as the cultures and countries that comprise this expansive, beautiful part of
the world.

chinese translation

When it comes to Chinese translation in particular, companies who want to be
successfully received in China must understand China itself, its people, its cultures,
and its languages, in order to create the best brand and linguistic strategy.

Perhaps some important words to use when having this discussion are: vast and
varied. If companies understand that China and its languages are extensive and
differing, they can begin to prepare to have their content translated.

This is where VeraLanguage comes in.

When translating into Chinese, the key questions for our clients are almost always:
do you know whomwhat, and where you’re targeting?

If yes, then, we will choose the right translation teams to match these goals.

If no, then, we will help our clients answer these questions, and from there, choose
the right translation teams.

Maybe biggest pitfall is just saying ‘we want Chinese’ and not knowing whom /
where / why… which, really, is a poor marketing strategy to begin with.

If a company’s marketing strategy is just a vague approach, or a, ‘hope for the best’
dream, this won’t work – especially when entering China’s linguistic space. This
would be like saying ‘we want European – any language will do’, and only offering
Dutch – for the whole continent. This is a broad example, but still, the fact remains
that there are different versions of languages in the ‘Chinese’ language family, and,
speakers of one don’t always understand the others.

Specifically, when it comes to Chinese, some parameters are:

Traditional Chinese / Mandarin: useful in Mainland China and beyond
Simplified Chinese: also useful in Mainland China and beyond
Cantonese: useful in Hong Kong, Guangdong, & Macau
Taiwanese: useful in Taiwan

And – really – that’s just a shortlist. For each of the above languages, there are
strategies as to which should be chosen, and why, remembering that comparing these is
like comparing Spanish / Italian / Portuguese / French.  Again, speakers of any
one can understand a little of the others, but, if you speak only one, you definitely
cannot converse or fully understand another.  If mainland China is your target
demographic, or if Hong Kong, the Guangdong Province , Macau, or Taiwan are
within your plans, there are answers to each which will help you choose the correct

As far as industries go, look no farther than China for literally anything and
everything: high tech, communications, computers & computer science, medical,
pharma, outdoor, retail, textile, legal, patent, engineering, mining, natural resources,
sport, automotive … the list goes on and on, and little convincing is required when it
comes to the need for businesses to include Chinese languages in their plans.

Again, the question isn’t whether or not your company needs Chinese translation,
but, how to translate into Chinese the right way, and who can help you do it

That’s what VeraLanguage is here for.

Call us – we’ll help you before, during, and after your company enters China. Our team of in-country professionals will help you choose the right demographic and target languages, and, they’ll relive you of the stress and worry of ‘I see Chinese text on our company website & products – I hope it’s right!’ With us, there’s no need to hope or worry – we’ve got you taken care of – from here to China, and back again.