Monthly Archives: October 2012

We Interrupt This Blog Series…

… to bring you this sneak peek at our new website and re-brand:

Without further ado… (yes, ado – not ‘adieu’, as it is often erroneously written.  Linguistic note: ‘adieu’ means ‘goodbye’ in French – so I guess you could say ‘without further adieu’ if you’re lingering in a doorway, saying too many goodbyes, but, I digress..)

… here is a look at what we’re up to web and brand-wise:

And / or

Yep, the screenshot comes complete with not only a look at our upcoming site, new logo, etc, but, you also see my Safari browser.  Tabs left open: Apple (Steve Jobs’ memorial video on their homepage today – wow).  All Products: IKEA (Yes, we need a bit of strategic office furniture.  Care to guess what?  Riveting, I know.)  Add New Post < VeraLanguage: The Blog… (Self-explanatory?) … and so on.  That’s what I was up do whilst the notion to write this blog post didst hit me.  Why close ‘em?  Truth in advertising?  And, where are my bookmarks?  (PS CS6…But, I digress.  Again.)

So, here she is.  Vera’s new site.  It’s a bit hard to hide our affinity for clean, clear, sharp, simple, bold.  (Apple, we love.  Cluttered, we don’t.)  We’re happy.  Vera is happy.  We’re almost done, and, all’s well that ends well.  Much Ado about Nothing.  Much adieu precludes nothingness.  (Shakespeare references?  Again…digression.)

Thanks to all the helping hands and minds who contributed.

We are here for and because of … you.